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Planning a visit in Italy?

Then you canít miss Venice, a major destination for your private tour

private tours in Venice

  Private Tours Venice

Here you can find the best tours in the most fascinating town in the world


Private Tours Venice

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and a favorite tourist destination for European vacations.
Due to its unique water environment, 118 islands located in the center of a huge lagoon, Venice is a major destination for family tours with kids or teens.. They will love in our privatet Tours Venice to get on a boat and tour the canals or explore the lagoon. Not to mention climbing on bell towers and enjoying the vistas.
Most of venice sights are breath-taking for the first time visitor.
For those who have crossed venice walking by feet, you may want to look at venice from another perspective: the water perspective. sights in venice look different water-wise or landwise. You may try an Gondola Trip alon the gran canal or get organised with an official city guide to show the most stunning sights of the city through water.
You can't also miss others beautiful sights such as Basilica della Salute (built up to thank God for the end of black plague) which you can see from Ca' Rezzonico which is one of the most magnificent palace on Canal Grande. Moreover, Its essential to have a visit to Basilica dei Frari ,built in a Gothic Style and the Scuola Grande di San Rocco decorated by Tintoretto, Ca' d'Oro which was gold covered and the Jewish Ghetto founded on 1516.
For those visitors in Venice who love visiting by their own, It is advisable not visit venice only in the Calli where you get to know the real hidden angles of the city and some one-way route that ends easily in Water.
It is very easy to get lost wandering the beauty of the city, and most surely it is an exciting experience as well.
For those Venice visitors who are afraid of being lost and have a short time to see the city, an expert guide can make a Venice private tour e showing you the glorious past of the city and present and telling pleasant stories about such a strange, unique, though living and floating city like Venice.
Is not a surprise then that our Tours will be an unforgettable experience.
Grand Canal
divides Venice in two parts and it is the biggest road of water of the town. The Grand Canal in showy handles for four kilometres, designing itself a large S. The Grand Canal are crossed by 3 bridges, the Rialto Bridge which is the most famous, the Accademia bridge and the Scalzi bridge, and the new bridge designed by Calatrava is the fourth one.
with university students sons & daughters will find as very important step in their education with tours including art, history and architecture our Private Tours Venice.