plan a walk in Venice with your kids !
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Venice is a kid friendly city, no cars and no sudden dangers.

Book our private tours with your family !

tours in Venice with your children

Imagine a place where children and teens can walk freely, stopping wherever they like to see and  observe and any detail that may catch their attention.


The water environ is another source of interest and obviously a boat tour will be sure hit for our young friends, so many things to be seen all around them as the boat glides along the canals. Therefore if you’re in Venice in a family tour and you wish your kids to be engaged in learning about the city mean features you’d better rely on professional guided tours. Get to climb to the upper terrace of san Marco church to enjoy the view over the square, get to see the wonderful bronze horses and learn all about mosaics were made. And what about getting all the way up to the top of the bell tower to catch the greatest view over the town? Later on just move ahead through the narrow alleys and make a stop in a mask workshop to see artisans making them. And after quite a long walk what will be the only place will make your younger sons and daughters super happy? A gelato place of course!

If your coming to this unique and beautiful city with your children then make sure to be part of a Venice family and kids tour.