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Planning a Walkout in Venice?

Then you canít miss our guided tours on feet..

Guided tailored made walkout in Venice

  Venice Stroll Tours

In this A Guide in Venice offical website, you can only find the best Walking Tours


Promenade in Venice

"A Guide in Venice" licensed tourist guides offers personalized tours for private travellers.
Our walks are developed through the numerous islands which compose the Venice historic centre.

Our tours show tourists from all over the world its treasures . Personalized Venice walking tours in the heart of the city.
Our guide is glad to introduce you to the floating city, venice, one of the living art masterpieces of Italy. venice is one of few cities in the world which could be defined unique; the city has a numerous monuments that establish venice. The monuments are rare and splendour to see but even their history is fascinating, and you could discover it's by our guide who are pleasant to explain the interesting history, stories, mysteries regarding the magnificent pasts of Serenissima Republic.
Beyond wonderful architectonic building there are also houses art's masterpieces as pictures, frescos and sculptures made by great artists like Tiziano, Bellini, Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Veronese.
A Guide in Venice is specialized in showing visitors the most peculiar attractions in the City. for more information contact us
We've dropped down a list here of the main ones: In addition to the most famous palaces of Venice(Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Correr..), the basilicas, churche and museumes as St. Marco square with its wonders you should not miss Rialto Bridge, the churches of Madonna della Salute and the masterpieces view along the Grand Canal.
In fact you could see The Church of "Santa Maria della Salute", Rialto Bridge, St. Marco square, "Accademia" Galleries, Ducal Palace and Saint Mark's Church, the New Ghetto, "Madonna dell'Orto"
and much more as you've never seen them before, thanks to Venice Walking Tours..