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Venice early evening tour with Grand Canal

Venice early evening tour with Grand Canal

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This tour operates in late spring, summer and early fall.

Enjoy a 2h30min adventure walking first through the less touristic areas of Venice and then a boat along the main Canal. End by early evening sipping a glass of wine in the famous Rialto district.

It is always nice to walk at ease unhurried in Venice, the perfect pace in a car-less city, and stop when you feel not just to admire the ‘must sees’, but also for the pleasure of watching those minor things that still have meaning and make Venice unique.
The different shapes of windows, the stone marks at the corners of buildings, the curious cone shaped chimneys, the way Venetians row, the famous striped dock poles. As ever, the water environment is the main fact in Venice, and as you keep going your wish to grasp how it is to navigate along the canals grows.
Let’s find it out: get on board your boat, and as it moves along Venice’s main waterway enjoy a different perspective of those striking palaces you saw when walking by. You’ll be amazed by the size of some buildings and by their exuberant decorations.
There is no better way to admire the city than from the water. And now that it’s early evening it’s time to end the day and relax, so leave your boat in the Rialto district and have a final informal chat with your guide while sipping a glass of wine and eating a finger-food snack that Venice is famous for….