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The Art Lover Tour Two

The Art Lover Tour Two

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The Art Lover Tour Two The Scuole in Venice were the seats of lay congregations that organized most of the non-working activities of bourgeois. Their success, prestige and wealth were to be shown, not only through the charitable deeds for which they were firstly responsible, but also by financing lavishly expensive decoration programmes in the buildings that hosted such institutions.

This is why the name of Saint Rocco brotherhood still resounds in Venice nowadays; reputed to be the greatest achievement of Tintoretto in the city, his masterpiece paintings will tell you about both his art and life. Conveniently located at a few steps away, the church of Santa Maria Gloriosa epitomises the close relationship between the Franciscan order and affluent patronage in Venice .

Local citizens and some foreign communities were the main patrons and promoters for the construction and decoration of what the Venetians called the Big House. Here we are then to admire, among many other works, Titian's 'Assumption' and ' Pesaro ' altarpieces and Bellini's 'Madonna and Saints'.