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The Island of Lazzaretto Nuovo - Quarantine station

The Island of Lazzaretto Nuovo - Quarantine station

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In this tour we’d like to introduce visitors to the unique environment of the Venetian lagoon and explain them about its natural features and the historical and cultural heritage of Venice as a leading European city in health control. All this can be summed up in the island of the Lazzaretto Nuovo, Venice’s main quarantine station for more than three centuries and now an beautiful green island and an archeological site located northeast of Venice not fat from Murano and very close of the agricultural island of sant’Erasmo in a beautiful natural setting. In location we’ll show our clients the outdoor area with ruins of all lodges for people, still in the process of being dug, and the observation deck where a great view of the lagoon can be enjoyed. The visit continues indoors to see the largest warehouse, a shelter for all goods in the past and now a small but interesting museum including old fishing boats, anchors, ironsmith instruments plus a sample of the many findings recovered in several digging campaigns to be seen in one of the gunpowder turrets. A nice walk all along the island, where the visitor will be immersed in the lagoon’s own nature, can be done. As the visit goes on, our guides will illustrate what is being seen giving the customers a lot if historical notes about the natural environment of the lagoon and the present situation, the health policy of the Venetian Republic and the major facts of its maritime rule in the Mediterranean. This tour can be done using either public or private transportation.
All in all this tour is a great opportunity to skip the always crowded Venice and truly get acquainted with its the extraordinary water nature.

This is a sesonal tour: from mid April to October