A guide in Venice
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All About Venice

All About Venice

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Join us for this four hours thrilling tour intended to show you Venice’s most famous features.

Let’s start from Saint Mark square, the former political and religious centre encompassing the most important buildings in town: the Library, the Doge’s Palace, the Procurators Offices and the Church of Saint Mark that we will enter. Inside your attention will be captivated by the 8600 square feet of mosaics covering the entire vaults while your guide tells you how they were made and outlines some of the key stories depicted in diminutive glass tiles.

Yet it is time to move on, so get on board of your private boat to start the most beautiful ‘cruise’ in Venice, a ride through the Grand Canal, inner canals and main water areas.. As the boat glides the guide will point out some of most impressive palaces and tell you about the wealthy merchant families once living there.

Crossing the ‘open waters’ of the northern lagoon we will reach the island of Murano to enter a glass blowing workshop and see the masters who transform sands and oxides into the most beautiful art pieces: from a shapeless hot glass paste to a beautiful sculpture, all in front of your eyes.

It’s time now to get back to Venice but our tour is not over yet. Getting off our boat we start a walk through less touristy areas of the city where neighbourhood life still dominates. Get to know then Venice’s unique urban fabric made of narrow alleyways, small open campos and canals and let your guide underline all what is worth your attention. You'll learn the basics facts of the city in terms of architecture, building tecniques, urban structure, daily life and much more .....